You know I never understood why I was created to be born this time, why me? Why here? The God of all the universe, seen me, made me, me.. Leanna. This is how I look, this is how He made me, how could he? I want to know why. Because sometimes its hard to be me, maybe I was created to go through tough times, so all these tough times coming before me will prepare me for the hardest times. I’m going through something right now, and I feel like I can’t pray, I feel like blocking out all the people, even God, but I can feel him reminding me to read my bible, to listen to gospel music. When all I want to listen to are the old songs I used to listen to, I just want to be stuck here a little while, to feel this pain, to let it overtake me, my feelings, weird huh? Why do I want to get stuck here? Because no one is listening, no one is getting ready. Everyone is stuck in their unforgiveness, holding on to little grudges, that’s going to hold them against God. People trying to be better then anyone else, to intimidate them. People walking blind, and not knowing their going to where they don’t want to go for all eternity. Devil is blinding the world from the love of God, and no one even notices, that all these things that are happening around us are warning signs from God, to repent. The bible calls these birth pains. What am I trying to say, I don’t know everything, but I’m me. Little me. I live in a tiny community of at least 1000 people, in the center of the world. And me, being so small, can’t do nothing, but my prayers? Prayers are powerful. Well I’m out of here, done talking about what I wasn’t going to talk about. Lord help me Jesus. I can’t do this, but with you I know I can.

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