What you give power to , has power over you

I’m not happy , and I can’t remember the last time I was happy .

Its only fair not to blame him for my unhappiness , he’s one of the reasons but not the only reason . I’m a grown up and I should assume responsibility .

I made my self unhappy. I .

I made so many wrong decisions in so little time . You’d think I didn’t know they were wrong when I made them , but I did . Then why did I make them? Because I like testing my chances …

And I also made him the prime reason for my happiness . I made him . So I AM the one to blame .
And he’s a person, and all people sooner or later they disappoint us in a way or another . Its not his fault , I gave him power over me and I made my state of mind relay completely on him .
And he’s a person, and people sooner or later change, and while they might change to a better version, someone always gets left behind…
And that person happens to be me . Why? Because like I said , I make wrong decisions.

Whether its completely my fault or not it definitely hurts , seeing someone you love getting over you while being with you , seeing them getting used of life with a bit less of you, day by day.
It hurts seeing yourself slowly moving from the most important thing in their life to just another thing . It definitely hurts.


2 thoughts on “What you give power to , has power over you”

  1. “Don’t forget to love yourself.” -Soren Kierkegaard

    I think you need to work on making yourself happy again … once you can be happy with yourself you can entrust your happiness on others. I once to relied on a man in the past to make me happy and when that went away I felt as if I had nothing … since then I worked on being “me” and eventually the pieces fall back together.

  2. focus on yourself and on what makes you happy
    if he’s not making you happy he’s not the one it’s as simple as that because when you love someone you do anything and everything to make sure they are always in a good mood . You love him because you can’t let go , but you should .
    You keep saying he’s no longer the same , he changed and so should you.

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