Entry 4: Who are you?

Who are you? Can you describe yourself to me? Do you really know who you are?

I believe most of you can’t answer those questions because they are no exact answer for that. So, who do you think you are? A spy? A superhero? A doctor? A police? That are dreams and ambitions. What are you actually?

Do you know that we can be anything we want? Yes. Almost anything. We can be superheroes, spies and many more. It just how you presenting yourself to the world. So, please express your true self. Don’t try to follow the trend, follow other person such as singers or actor, copy other person personality. You just have to be urself.

Yes! Of course they are a million of people will judge you. Judge your appearances, personalities and even the things you do. They will complain and give comments. They will try to make you be another person that they want! They try to make you different.

What are you gonna do? Just ignore them and keep doing the things you do! IGNORE!


Credit to Gan Xhi Yan and Izzat


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