giving him girl advices… really dude…

So he calls me to give him advice about girls .

Yes he called me to tell me about a girl. Not the first time but i always get surprised… He described her as kind of hot with a great body . wtf . why would he describe her to me? Why? Should i be intimidated by her? Is this his way of saying i can get some one else at any second if i feel like it? How am i supposed to feel knowing that this hot girl who has a great body is throwing herself at him from morning to night, should this make me happier about him working full time ?! … Spending his days with her … I know how it goes.

Why would he tell me that detail why! Is it his way of saying that he is noticing her , like if i didnt know he does …

Seriously does he live to torture me or does he not think a second before he opens his mouth. Does he want me to get jealous? Does he not think that im already jealous , he needs to rub things in my face to make sure that i am .

He’s a real asshole ,a real asshole who knows how to hurt me this much.

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  1. I’ve been reading about this guy for a while now I think he’s making you miserable most of the time . I get that you love him but he obviously changed and not the person you fell for I hope you can see it too it sucks that you always feel like this especially that you always make others feel better here at goodnightjournal . Be strong and cold blooded , hood luck miss Green eyes

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