relationship issues

When you ask your boyfriend of three years where you see yourselves in five years the normal response would be marriage kids family love etc. My boyfriends response… happy? excited?. I say ok and what else…. and he starts getting defensive and saying what do you want me to say, you brought this up all of a sudden and I’m suppose to have some great comment?

Moral of the story, We both aren’t speaking to eachother, we were suppose to carve pumpkins together, and that’s not going to happen, and we will spend the rest of the night not talking to eachother. Because if we do talk it will start a full blown fight because I cant talk to him about anything that has to do with my feelings without him yelling and belittling every idea and feeling I have because in his eyes, my feelings aren’t important and I’m just dramatic. What he doesn’t understand is the more you push me away and make me feel unimportant and stupid, the more it makes me hate you.


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