(entry 8 ) – STRESS

What do you do when you are stress? Maybe some of you would like to eat a lot, especially chocolates. What makes chocolate as one of the choices that people prefer to eat when they are stress? Maybe it is because of the taste,structure or mixture. It is good to eat chocolates because we can get energy from it. However,we can be fat if we eat too much chocolates.

To me,listening to musics,screaming,sleeping and punching can release my stress.It helps me to relax. Some people think that sports help us to release our stress. They cycle, play football or badminton. It is not just release stress but it will make our bodies healthier.

Actually,there are many ways to overcome stress,but it is depends on us. Stress comes from us. People can be stress because they can’t manage their life properly. So,we should know how to manage our life and not to become stress because of it.

Read by:
Harisa Binti Shahridzo
Atikah Khadijah Binti Rosman

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