Entry 5: The examination tips

Good morning everyone. As you all know, from 26 October 2015 until 7 November 2015, all matriculation students will take final examination (PSPM 1) for semester 1. Thus, it is the caused I stop from writing blogs.

Today, I would like to give tips on how to react before exam, during exam and after exam. Here are some important things.

Before exam, please don’t do a lot of revision. It really don’t help you. It will be dangerous if you revise for the last minute. Here what are you gonna do. You have to read just short notes and reread the formula. So, you can remember it during the exam.

Next, during examination, please don’t freak out. Don’t feel nervous. Relax yourself. Try to come early to relax yourself. Don’t let your mind stress out. Keep calm and answer the question. Remember! Relax urself.

After examination, forget about that paper. You must move on to the next one. Don’t discuss about the question thatyou can’t answer. Focus on what next. The past must be forgotten.

Okay. That is it! 


Credit to Gan and Izzat


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