Try Me

All of us have gone through things in life and often wonder , why me? It is a question we will fully never understand. I’m a true believer that hard times make us stronger. My childhood was not full of joy and fun and I endured things no child should have to. The thing is I never allowed that define me or make me a victim for the rest of my life. I have proven to myself that old sayin, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. Even with my recent life hiccup I did not allow myself to dwell too long on it. Yes there are days it still hurts and even with my childhood drama it still hurts and that’s okay. We are only human and when the pain some days becomes overwhelming I just put my trust in God. The quote today I feel represents all of us going through struggles and looking at them not as why is this happening but rather try me. We are tough and with gods help we can fight through the struggles and grow stronger from them. We can either be victims or fighters and I choose to be a fighter. A fighter to say no to negative feelings, to create my own happiness, to help those struggling and most of all a fighter for Gods will.

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