10th ENTRY

Is there anybody here who hates daydreaming ??? hello???? Ouh,nobody’s there??? Heheheh…sorry..I was daydreaming…to put it simple, I was playing with my imaginations.

Have you ever think what would happen if you are a girl (When you’re a boy) and vice versa. What would you do now?Where would you be now? Who would be your friends and so on…..

Or…..when you decided something, have you ever thought what would happen if you decided otherwise?

Have you ever think, if your dad married another woman (not your mom),will you look the same as you are now or not? Will everything be the same?

Ouh!!! Too much if…

Whatever you do/did, just remember…everything happens for reasons and that what make you into who/what you are right now….



Edited by kar yee and aina


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