(entry 9)-HAVE FUN

Last month,the leader of the community organized some events in the ‘Hari Peneroka’ that have been held at the football field.Many people participated in the event including me.

There were many prizes for each event.My village was the winner of the composition contest. I  participated in ‘ulat bulu’ and ‘telefon rosak’ contests. Guess what? I won and I felt very happy about that.
Beside that,there were also many delicious foods and local fruits for instance bananas,durians,rambutans and mangoes. I did not miss the chance to eat those fruits and foods. They were very delicious. The villagers also produced juices from certain fruits.

This programme is rarely being organized every year.I hope these programmes will be organized every year because this programme can build unity and teamwork among villagers.

Read by:
Atikah Khadijah Binti Rosman
Harisa Binti Shahridzo

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