Entry 1 (Healthy Diet)

A healthy diet is very vital in maintaing our health. We must consider what we eat at all times to avoid ourselves from having chronic health diseases. Harmful diseases such as high blood pressure, myocardial infarction and diabetes are skyrocketing in the 21st century especially among teenagers as young as 18.Hence, we have to take safety measures to maintain a healthy body. Lets go back to our primary school Science where we have our food pyramid. A food pyramid is a very good example for us to refer to in maintaining a healthy diet. Our diet should mostly carbohydrate which is our main source of energy. It plays an essential role in giving us ebergy to carry out our daily life activities as a healthy teenager.

Next, we have protein above carbohydrate. Protein, as well plays as equal role as carbohydrate. It helps in repairing our tissues and making our bones stronger. Morever, we should also consider ourselves in consuming vitamins and mineral salts. It benefits us in boosting our immune system. Lastly, we have fats and oils on the top most level of our food pyramid. Though it comprises only a little space on the food pyramid, it definitely plays an important role by supplying efficient amount of energy for us. To conclude, to maintain a healthy body, we ourselves must take an effort to practice a healthy diet. If we consume the food as stated in the food pyramid, we can definitely assure ourselve a healthy diet.

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