These two things always pop out in my mind.We know that life is not always beautiful.Sometimes it is bitter.That’s why it is called ‘life’.

Now,what  am I trying to highlight here is, imagine if something happens in your life and your family or beloved one doesn’t know about it.And to make it real,that ‘something’ that had happened was more likely could ruin your relationship with your family or something like that.What would be your solution??

Is it bitter truth or sweet lie? For me,  I would say that bitter truth is the best choice ever.They might have been disappointed and angry with you but that’s it. As time goes,they will heal.

Why can’t it be the sweet lie? Because you’ll have to close a lie, with another lies.It is never-ending…and  you’ll end up creating new problems..Rather than protecting, you’re actually hurting them now.

Nobody loves to be lied to……



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