Feel yourself slowly changing
from how you were to how you’re now
They’re slowly wondering
if you can still stay the same somehow

You’re not just getting older
You’re also growing colder
Is it to be expected?
Can they see that sometimes, you’re just jaded?

Find yourself creating that distance
from those who have always thought you wouldn’t stand a chance
A once weakling, overly-sensitive cry-baby
Well, maybe that’s how you used to be

They’ve got what they’ve always wanted
at least some
You are now sometimes cold-hearted,
no longer that attentive, mild-mannered

What have you become?
You never mind being lonesome,
‘though you still welcome the company of another,
as long as they’re not around to bother

Can you go back to how you were before
Perhaps there’ll be other days for that
After all, you’re no angel
although thankfully, you’re not completely evil
You don’t have to always meet their requirements
or fulfill their expectations
You’re just an ordinary girl
a mere mortal…


(Jakarta, 27/10/2015 – 1:00 pm)

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