Chapter One: Just forget about it..? :/

I was there i couple of minutes staring at how he was with that girl now, i didn’t know what to do i felt so confused. Days ago, he said he liked me but he like his ex too. But that day he wasn’t with his ex, neither with me..? He was with another girl. They were so close, i have to admit i was getting kind of jealous, (i never get jealous). i spoke to my friend about what me and him went through. but the next day when he was with that girl again seemed like he didn’t care anymore.  i turned around and told my friend, “Lets go.” She was so confused same as me. i didn’t know what to do. so i went to Erick. I kind of liked him, but at the same time i liked Ulises. (like i said i was confused) Erick looked at me, he saw the pain in my eyes. He hugged me in that instant. At that moment Ulises saw. He looked mad i didn’t know if to be happy or disappointed too. The bell ranged. and he was still with that one girl. i had a flash back. (Flash back:)> Ulises: i like u , i like u a lot, just give me sometime. (holds my hand)>(back to reality):>> I turn around and pretend i saw nothing.

When i got to the bus, he wasn’t there so i sat in the back with a friend. But he comes in as soon as i sat down. He looks at me a tries to smile. (i don’t smile back tho). i feel bad but face it he did the same thing. i try to act normal the whole bus drive, but he still tries to say hi. As soon as i get to my bus stop i try to get off quickly. but he tries to stop me with a high five. i ignore him and get off fast.

As soon as i get home i get a message from Ulises.

Ulises: are u mad or something.?

ME: NO, why would i. its because i’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately.!

Ulises: well, it doesn’t seem like it, i like the happy u.

ME: well, just forget everything that happened between us, everything forget it all!!! ………………………………

i get to my room and start crying,

“i can’t take this anymore, everyone treats me like a toy, i’m tired of it all…!”



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