Entry 14- Discover Penang

When I was in form 4 I was chosen to go for a 6 days camp at penang with 7 of my friends. Well, it was not that a hooray camp because you went there for a mission to win the competition. It was quiet stressful at first as you need to do ¬†junk of works before going there such as do a research, video making and presentation. Huhhuu. How stressful. But Alhamdulillah all of us still managed to complete our tasks as all of my team members was giving their best corporation. My first though was this camp gonna be a tough camp as everyone was competing with one another. But I was wrong. 6 days camp 3 days was a serious one. And another 3 days was all about fun. I never thought that all of us will be brought to discover the penang. I went to all the interesting place at penang such as bukit bendera and museums. Then I had a changes to taste all the famous food at penang such as nasi Kandar, pasembur,cendol and char key teow. And the best things was I don’t have to use a single penny of my own money. Although we do not won the competition but a least I enjoyed the camp with all of my friends.


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