Entry 2 (Debate in Seremban)

I seriously hope we all dont take this too seriously. All of us make mistakes. Let’s take everything as a lesson. This refers to both parties. Let’s move on.
Hey Paulians,we all are buddies too,if at all you think what has said was not fair then I think everyone has given their piece of mind already.So,its enough and its time for  us to let it go 🙂  .After all she is just a fellow student. A mistake has been done.Let’s forgive and forget and move on. Its a humble request.My sincere apology on behalf of Puteri students.
Hello Shar,I know,you are a nice person,probably you have said something at the heat of the moment.I respect ur thoughts,yet what has been said was pretty harsh.At the end of the day its just a competition and let’s take it as it is.As a fren/senior, my advice is, forget it ahd chill out dear.-xx- (  I hope others do the same)

Credits to sha

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