The is nothing better than spending time with family. Last night for Halloween Binks and I went to my sisters. It was so great seeing my nephews and niece enjoying Halloween still even though they are older. My niece dressed her little guy up as a monkey and it of course brought memories of Binks being monkey his first year. My sister knows me well and knew that I have not been myself lately and she made sure that we enjoyed our time at her house. Sometimes being with your family crazy and all it just feels right. My sister has been great during this difficult time with phone calls, always answering my calls no matter the time and most of all being my positive rock in my corner. One thing about my sister is that she has a heart of gold and I have always been able to count on her. I’ve actually been quite blessed with all family surrounding us with love. Even Binks Grandma has been amazing and willing to help when she can. So, when I saw the quote it really hit home because truly family is your anchor when your going through rough waters.

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