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A perfect 9 win football season earned the Traverse City Trojans a spot in the playoff games for Division 2. First playoff game was against the Muskegon Big Reds in Traverse City at Thirlby field on October 30, 2015.

Granny is in Arizona so she was not able to attend in person, but tuned in the Traverse City local radio station over the Internet to at least participate by ear. And, Mom Rachel was kind enough to text Granny often as there was a definite delay between the broadcast of the game and actual action. From Mom Rachel, Granny learned that the Muskegon team had over double our size in players, and the young men were pretty big too. That became evident when the radio announcer mentioned on a few occasions that the Muskegon ball carrier was dragging several players down the field with him! Alas, the Trojans finally met their match. Muskegon has made the playoff games for 3 years in a row. Their players are big, athletic, and tough. They dominated the field. Every kick to the Trojans kept them close to the Trojan goal line, and their defensive team was very successful in keeping the Trojans from earning first downs. This forced the Trojans to punt the ball on their 4th downs in an effort to get the ball further from their goal line. Since we did not win, Granny does not feel like providing a detailed account of the carnage. Suffice it to say, Muskegon racked up enough points that the Mercy rule was applied in the third quarter, which means the clock runs continuously when one team has a 35 point lead. The Muskegon coach must have felt mercy as well and played his second and third string allowing the Trojans to at least score 2 touchdowns in the game. So the Trojans were not shut out but the final score was Muskegon Big Reds 40 to the Trojans 14, and Muskegon will advance in the playoffs. It’s a wrap for the Trojans. Granny knows the lose was a hard pill to swallow after such an impressive season, but hopefully, the team will bask in their regular season perfect win record. Granny did get to hear Jacob’s name over the radio a few times when he brought down a player. Jacob was also quoted in the local newspaper and said something like the Trojans had a great season and the sophomore and junior players now know what can be accomplished. Granny thought that was pretty classy. But by now no one should be surprised!

Thanks to Mom Rachel Granny has a couple of pictures to share which were taken after the game. The first is Jacob consoling another player, and the second is Jacob standing with another player. That’s it – bragging Granny signing off until next season when hopefully, Jacob will be playing college football, and his brother, Zander, will play 7th grade football. Have a great winter!

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