nov. 1. 2006

you are in the process of killing yourself right now.

i wish i hadnt stopped being your friend because everyone said too.

i know we had a connection. so did you. i wished you had reached out to me but i understand why you didnt. i pushed you away for no reason other then stupid people’s opinion of you.

its one of my only regrets.

im so sorry. i hope you rest in peace. i hope it put an end to your suffering.

poor lost little lamb. you were so young. just a baby. its been many years and i still think about you alllll the time.

you know you were the male version of me. lol

our time was short i wished you didnt get so lost in the world.

halloween just isnt the same.

in your death i realized a lot about people. about myself. about the impact we have on eachother and the lasting impressions we leave.

you are missed. i hope you can feel that.



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