Country Life

November 2nd,

This week marks the beginning of country life, the beginning of something awesome. I have moved away from Durham, and while it is a temporary affair, I love it out here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I’m living out here with my brother and sister-in-law in their mobile home and although it is pretty small, it is a cozy, lovely place surrounded by a lot of land. Around the country, there stretches miles and miles of farmland, with cows and buffalo and it is beautiful sight to behold, especially on a fall day. I love the simplicity of that type of living. The bales of hay rolled up, the cows lazily grazing, the little homes scattered here and there with older people sitting in rocking chairs on their front porches, watching the world go by. That reminds me of some signature scenes in movies. I am grateful for the land, for the lovely nature, for the peace and quiet, for the friendly neighbors, and just the simplicity of life in the country. Although it has taken a while to get used to some things like the smell of the hot water and the not-totally-up-to-par heating system, overall, I love it out here.


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