giving up…..

I’m kinda sad… Lots of things running through my mind, so much negativity ..idk I’m not even in the mood to type tonight ☹ how to get away from negativity? Idk I just want someone to hold me… And tell me ill be okay… I’m ready to leave everything and everyone ☹ its not a great feeling of giving up! But idk what else to do.. I miss my life my old life the love everything… I’m surrounded by such disrespectful people that I’m just getting worse…

2 thoughts on “giving up…..”

  1. I was in a situation similar.
    I was literaly in a home full of people who treated me like I was just an annoyance to them and had no family to really turn to.
    What I learnt is that I need to be free to leave a bad situation.
    Negative people will drain you and dont be scared to let go of negative people.
    We are all beautiful people but if we are surrounded by negativity and disrespect that is all we will know and our joy will be drained.

    It was scary for me to let go of them as they are family but I felt loads better away in my own place and I could control who I see and talk to.
    Good luck

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