What is life?

So it’s 5am as I write this.

Not long since finishing an application form due at 10am.

I worked so hard on it, if I don’t get an interview I will be so heart broken.

Yet, at the same time, I’ll be really surprised. Keeping my fingers crossed.

So my unemployment has lasted 4 months longer than I had anticipated and I feel like life its very self is slipping away from me.

My purpose was set out before…



Uni + work



I have no reason to leave my room except to use the bathroom or for food. What is my purpose now? Yea I know loads of people are like “just take any job”

but correct me if I’m wrong, but once youve experienced depression, you stay away from anything that might bring you back to those dark places…you push for the things that will truly make you happy…

For me, that isn’t money.

But for loads of others it is.

They wake up, day after day, to go to work. To earn money to pay to get to and from work, and for the house that stays empty while they are out working.


Wouldnt life be a little more special if money didn’t exist?

okay, i just realised how tired I am. I don’t even know what i’m saying.


what is life though?

what are we meant to do?


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