I’m feeling crappy at the moment. I picked up additional responsibility when a co-worker left our office. I was happy to do it. I’m familiar with the work. I was well aware that it was meant to be a temporary thing. The intention was to find a replacement for the person who left and the search began immediately. But I began to think they might offer me the job. I had expressed my interest. Though quite honestly, I wasn’t completely sure about it. I think I was more motivated by the possible pay raise. Well – they have indeed hired someone. I’m helping to train her. But I’m feeling mixed about it. I was happy with the added responsibility – but I made a mistake on something and now I’m letting myself feel like a loser. By contrast I’m happy that I won’t have to be in these situations now that they have hired someone new. Ugh. OK. Bottom line – this is not my life. I need to remember that my life is so much more than this job. If people define or judge me based on my job performance, I am most certainly in a no-win situation.

Change your thoughts – change your mind……

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