Endings are hard

I lost a friend the other day. I know I didn’t really loose him, but it feels that way. Im gonna miss him so bad. 

He helped me When I was in such a pain, he showed me how much more I am and that people actually isn’t all the same.

He made me believe myself a little more. That life and love is really a good thing.

He has been such a great support and he made me laugh in a way, so that I could feel the joy all the way deep inside.

He also made me feel a certain kind of way, that wasn’t allowed, because of his age and the fact that he is Married.

His wife found out we were texting and that was really the end of our friendship. He told me that he would still talk to me, but I feel responsible for the problems that he now has. I don’t Wanna cause him any trouble with his wife, so Im not gonna text him back anymore.

It’s probably the hardest decision I have made on that level, ever. But I think its necessary to do so,  in order for him and his wife to find each other again.

Im never gonna find a friend like that again anytime soon. I wish all people would be like him…


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