Entry 4 : Work is worship, Service is prayer

Abdu’l-Baha once said that “work done in the spirit of service is the highest form of worship”. Dwell on this statement. Do we incorporate the element of service in our lives? If so, how do we define it as service? Be it in individual or collective effort , the modern society of today deems us to be rather selfish and not put one’s brother before himself. However, it is crucial for us to reflect on how work and service are two integral parts to human existence. It is likened unto the wings of a bird which assist it to soar above the horizon. What good would it be if one wing were stronger compared to the other? Personally, the quote to me means that in order to attain true progress, one which encompasses the benefit and betterment of the society, the tasks that we carry out should always strive to be other-centered. Therefore, the next time you’re carrying out a task, or complaining about a long day of work that lies ahead, ponder upon this statement.

I would like to thank my editors : Syazwan and Nabilah Z.

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