First Party and Lessons Learned

There was a party a few nights ago, and it was my first time really trying anything. So, of course, I totally underestimated the power of alcohol. It’s safe to say I was pretty trashed, and woke up feeling absolutely awful.

This really cute guy from one of my classes, and I remember remarking rather loudly how cute he was. He hadn’t had much to drink yet, so I’m sure he remembers that, and now I gotta face that decision every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

That’s definitely not the worst thing, though. About 3 hours in, I was having a ton of trouble walking, so I just plopped down on the couch. My friend’s cute brother sat down next to me. Being my overly confident and drunk self, I took that as him hitting on me (?!) and proceeded to tell him how attractive I thought he was, and then went in for the kill and kissed him in front of everyone, sister included. He was classy and said he didn’t want to do it while his sister was right there, and I needed to throw up anyways so I thought I let it go…apparently, at least according to his sister, we got up and went outside and did God knows what.

I couldn’t really make it up the stairs, so I ended up puking on myself and the stairs as I was making my way to the bathroom, and my less-drunk friends helped me get to the toilet. I’m so beyond thankful I had friends helping me…pretty sure I would’ve been in a hell of a lot more trouble without them.

Flash forward an hour or so. My friend with the cute brother told me it was time for me to go home, so she and her brother carried me to the car and then had to basically carry me inside my dorm. I was like a pinball in the hallway, and woke up with a bruise on my hip from God only knows what. I then opened my door, and (still in my costume, by the way) just plopped down and curled up on the floor and slept. I must’ve gotten on my bed at some point, since I woke up in my pjs and in my bed. I really don’t know how I got up there.

I was also driven home by a guy who I was into a few months ago, so I’m sure my drunken self really made quite the impression.

I think I’m going to steer clear of alcohol for a while.

All of that being said…it’s amazing what dumb decisions tell us about ourselves. First of all, I fully expected myself to be a sad drunk. Turns out I’m my normal self, just a little more open about it. Haha. I also learned how to handle bad hangovers, but hope and pray I don’t have a hangover like that ever again.

I had also had a rough week last week, and was reflecting a lot on my ex. I think that had a lot to do with my decision to party so hard…I think I was looking to alcohol to take my mind off of things. It sure as hell worked, but I really don’t wanna rely on it for that ever again. I wanna be happy with myself and with my life without the influence of things that make you “feel” okay. I actually want to BE okay. I think I’ll get there.

So…what did I learn?
1. Alcohol is great as long as it tastes good.
2. Alcohol is dangerous. Especially when it tastes good.
3. I know what a hangover feels like.
4. I don’t like hangovers.
5. I have great friends and parents. Neither of them judged me…they just wanted to be sure I was okay.

Finally, the most important thing that I learned: I should find happiness and contentment within myself, not at the bottom of a cup…no matter how dang good the jungle juice tastes.

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