Hello again from the other side, it’s me Nabi or atleast I call my self by that name, isn’t it a cool name,ok now let introduce my self clearly to you all or whoever you are listening to me right now.My name is Avar ,i’m 15 years old now and i’m currently living in a world which is selfishly fighting over everything that is taken away from it without knowing even it owns it again it will be taken again and even brings out all of it’s power it cannot restore it’s things.By the way, if you guys are guessing why im writing this, well me say it clearly,because it’s the truth.Or in other words,it’s the fact that im telling you.All of the things that are happening in my life now are unbelievable or way far from your imagination,so let me say one thing to you,actually i forgot what to say because i’m continuening this after several hours,because i had things to do so,i will continue by apologising from you guys. (I’m sorry).And now let me to say that one thing my friend,everything that is happening in my life,yours,and anyone else this world now thinking that all of this is true is simply described as a Dream.I’m very disappointed right now,because everything that i fought for in past is considered as nothing,which is a disapointment for anyone in this world who is trying his or her best to get the thing they want.But, i mean what can i say,nothing,and now with a quick ending, I will be ending this simply by saying: THIS IS OUR DESTINY!

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