Entry 9

Entry 9 – 4/11/15

19:42 – in my room

I’m angry. I’m tired. The two worst feelings in the world. I just get angry whenever someone speaks to me. And then also when no one does. I just want to sleep. I don’t want to work and tomorrow’s maths test has got me doing so much effort to not jump on my bed and sleep. Sleep. I also cry a lot. I have been crying for 5 hours now. Well, I don’t cry non-stop for 5 hours. I just always have the feeling in my throat and my eyes are constantly blurry and filled with water. The tears start to come down whenever I go through something. Like when I failed my piano test in front of the whole class. Or when my teacher kept asking me questions about my sleep. Or when she said I looked weird today. Or when my mother yelled at me for working on the dine table. Or when my dad came home and did the exact same thing he does every other night he comes home. But that’s a different story. Anyways, I think I might be reaching nervous breakdown 🙂 And I’m nerved going to finnish my maths revision. I’m doomed.

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