I absolutely love the rain. There is something just hypnotic and peaceful about it. Last night I found myself not being able to sleep so I got up, grabbed my blanket and sat on my porch watching and listening to the rain. It was something I desperately needed to do to help clear my mind. No matter how hard I tried when laying in bed I just couldn’t turn off the thoughts and the feeling of loneliness. The rain started out soft and pretty soon it was pouring. I really just sat there concentrating on the way the rain was falling out of the sky and how it sounded hitting different objects outside. It’s almost like a sweet song God is playing for us. The smell of rain is very intoxicating and it’s one my favorite smells. After sitting out there for a long awhile my head quieted, the feeling of loneliness disappeared and I began to feel tired. When my head hit that pillow I fell asleep and did not wake up until my alarm went off and even though I went to be bed extremely late I felt refreshed. It was as if the rain washed away my fears and cleansed my soul.

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