why not

Im a 16 years old brazilian girl that wants to have a 16 years old american girl life,! is that too much to ask? I wish my life was like Jenna’s life from Awkward, I wish I could study at  a super nice american high school, and being invited to prom by a super cute guy! That is what I do while I’m at my biolgy classes: I dream about how my life would be if i was born in another country hahah… If you live this life, please let me know how it is (we can share places if you want! Haha).

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  1. Hello Nani!

    I live in Pakistan! The image of Pakistan is bad, very bad in the world, but still I love my country. Wishing to be born in a better environment is a natural thing but and suppose in future you become a great writer and you move to New York, I pray that it happens, are you going to just forget about your country?

    These are your people your country is your family. If the quality of life is not well enough then you must be the one to raise it higher.

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