Day 1 aka I CANT EVEN. food diary.


Today was nott THAT bad actually.


I called room service for some iced coffee. They fucked up. No choc drizzle on the top! And like the ice wasn’t even crushed…Like they’re jobs that hard. W/e. Being the thirsty hoe I am I went across the hallway for some gum and a pack of Maltesers. And like I couldn’t even get thru the whole bag so that was like good signs of a suppressed appetite. Thankk youuu Adderrrall.

 Cals: 136 +187=323.


Lunch was perf I ate the rest of the Maltesers and pooped a sugar free no cal gum.


Ok. In my defence I worked my ass off in the gym but like w/e. ugh maybe if i keep re watching Aaliyah my body will get the message. To start off, I was like I should have my iced ESPRESSO. fucking room service screwed my order ahhgain. I had like a Caesar salad(chicken breast+lettuce+shredded cheese)- no croutons no dressing obv (hella lot of hot sauce)and everything was going so well but damn you bread rolls. I had like two and they were whole wheat but still ew fucking carbs WHY. Nott only carbs but like fucking fat tooo, veg fat but still. these 10g typa things. Rolls eyes.Oah and then I had an apple. oops.

OMG I just fpalled (fitness palled) the butter thing and its like only 35 cals. but still FAT. I had my fat from choc.

 Cals: 326 + 153 +35+72=586

Damnnnn way more cals than I expected. But that’s where this fdairy comes in. Its meant to enlighten me and holy fuck am I seeing the light.

Total Cals:909. 


(depending on my weight and age- i used “spark people”)

10 mins. running= 138

35 mins. brisk walking=329

15 mins. bike= 80

15 mins. elliptical =118

Calories burned:665.

soooo. 909-665=244. yay. no ill pop a melatonin b4 i fuck shit up. think im eating vegan tom. #buddhashit

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Ok. So yesterday everything was going so well till  I decided to binge in the middle of the night. I had like some raw salad and like 2 bread rolls and a ravioli and some sautee and then I decided to purge it out. so i did. i probably didn’t get rid of everything but I m prettty sure i saw the ravioli. THEN I ate two more bread rolls BUTTERED. Was it two or three?and an apple. OMG.

3 bread rolls: 78 x3 = 234.  Butter (10g)=73.  and like let’s sayy 90 calories from b4 binging and like 72 for the apple. shit 469.

909+469= 1375. so i need to aim for like eating 1000 calorie strictly today.

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