Day 1: The beginning…….

Well today is the first day of my challenge to myself to start exercising and lose some weight.  I know that I am not fat or need to lose much weight but I can see that I am no where near where I should be.  I know that much of this is from my staying home for so long with Aiden and just being a mom and a wife.  It seems like my whole day revolves around what I am cooking for dinner tonight.  I just have to make myself motivated to get up and do some type of exercise.  I know I’m not lazy, I clean the house so things but most of that only takes me like half the morning.  I have set an alarm on my phone for 9:30am everyday except Sundays.  I figure that is a good time that I am back from taking Aiden to school and I can take that time to do some exercises.  I am much more productive in the mornings.  I need to start with at least some crunches and some basic leg work.  I know it’s not hard.  I think once I get into it and start seeing change, which I’m sure I will fast, that I will want to keep doing it.

I have started going through my closet and I am going to try some things on and see what fits and whatnot.  I have so many cloths that I could fit in if I just put in the effort.

Another thing that I have to change is NO MORE BEER!!! Damn my love for beer!!! I am also cutting out fast food, this I know I can do I have done it before! I think giving up Jimmy Johns will be the hardest though!

Well that is enough for now.  I will try to get some things done today and I want to do at least 25 situps and some other leg work, those are my most troublesome zones.

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