Entry 11

Entry 11 – 5/11/15

19:20 – in my room

I feel like everything is happening so fast. My bff just told me she had a boyfriend. It’s weird. I remember when we were small and innocent and happy. Now, we’re…us. I guess I’m happy for her. Just feels weird. We’re so young, too young I think.

Something bad happened today. I have a certain interest in someone in my class. Not a crush. Nothing like that, I don’ t do that. But, you now, I guess I like him…a little. But I never said that to anyone. Because I don’t think it’s anything. Just being weird…for 4 years. I know. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, I managed to never mention it in 4 years. To anyone. Not even my best friends. Because I don’t want to be with him. Like, if he’d asked me, I’d say no. He’s never going to ask me anyways. Anyways, something bad happened about that. There’s a rumor. That I like him. And it’s not anything I said because I never said it to anyone. And my class keeps bugging me and laughing about it. And I can’t talk to him anymore. Or look at him. My best friends just think it’s bull. And that’s what I keep saying. But now he’s looking at me weird. And I hate it. It’s almost like he’s being flirty with me. It’s horrible and I’m scared.

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