Entry 4 (My Love)

I met a guy .He was once the guy whom I hated for some reasons eventhough never talked and seen each other.I just know that existed.But one fine day he sent me a friend request in Facebook. I accepted his request thinking he was one of my tuition friend as he looked like it. After a while then I got to know that he is a different person. I just didn’t bother to do anything. I just left it as it is. He started with a hi and thanking me for accepting his request. Usually there will be alot chats coming in my inbox saying thanks but I never really replied any. I just don’t why ,maybe it was my instincts? ,I sent him a smiley. Then he replied me with a smiley. We continued our chat just by sending smileys to each other. We chatted almost everyday. He became a very good friend of mine. We share all our stories with each other. People might say that getting friends and being close to someone through social media in a very short time is impossible and it will never last. After knowing him I truly  deny this statement because we became so close. Then came a day where I thought our friendship is leading somewhere else and I thought I should stop it. Because I was worried that he would break my heart and I wasn’t ready for a relationship. I know I am falling for him. He confessed to me one fine day,that I was the love of his life. I told him I was not ready. He told he will wait and he did. Everyday i feel so happy seeing his texts. Honestly , I started falling harder for him. I just didnt say anything. I kept him waiting and he waited. He talked and chatted with me like usual. Everyday became so magical. He made feel so special.  After three months, I wanted to know whether I had feelings for him. I wanted to know if am I into him or it’s just a sort of crush. I told him to stop texting me for a week but he refused. He didn’t want to follow my orders. He refused to give in. He continued to persevere to communicate with me. He said he just cant help it from sending me a message. Believe it or not I can’t even stay without replying his text for one hour and I thought it was HIM that I wanted and not his sweet words. On the 14 th February, I said yes to him. I hope MY LOVE will always stay with me till my last breath.

Credits to sha

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