Happy Birthday?

Oh, birthday.  You only come around once a year, and yet again you manage to make a farce out of what is always supposed to be a “happy” birthday.

It seems each year as I try to orchestrate what is supposed to be a day where I get to focus on me just being “happy”, I have inevitably been let down.

Take my 30th.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I told my husband to surprise me. So, it figures that he would drive around like a moron completely lost on the location of the event to where I told him to tell me where we were going so I could navigate … so much for the orchestrated surprise.

Take last year.  I just wanted to get dressed up, go out somewhere with my friends and dance.  Unfortunately, my Facebook invite lead to 3 people showing up and inevitably a downer of an evening walking the streets and going home by 11:00 pm.  So much for that orchestration.

Based on last year’s depressing evening, I decided this year I was not going to plan anything with friends; rather, my husband and I would go to Epcot for the food and wine festival.  Well, thanks to my husband’s current lay off beginning in August, the kibosh was placed on that idea.  So, a family friend had offered us a beautiful piece of furniture that I knew I would need to rent a truck to get.  I decided we could use our already planned food and wine festival time off to drive three hours, pick up the piece, and then stay overnight with my parents where they too had some furniture we could throw on the truck for some good up cycling projects.

Truck rental reserved – check.  Family friend knowing of our planned pick up time – check – or so I thought.  I mentioned it to the family friend a few weeks back, and she was good.  So after attempting for the past week to get in touch with her to confirm we are still on … crickets.  Dead air.  Sure, maybe something is going horribly wrong … I would hope not, and with the various Facebook entries I have been seeing her post, that scenario does not seem likely.  Its kind of crazy how one can be so thoughtful and generous, yet not have common courtesy to respond to two texts and a voicemail.  Not that a truck rental is an exorbitant amount of money, but I’m not spending $100 + gas for nothing … So, looks like the kibosh is being put on that, too.

And with that, it looks like I am in for yet another shit-tastic birthday with all my plans falling through and limited funds to do anything I would want to do.

Sweet …

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