Living Situation

Right now, I’m currently living in my brother’s house. It’s actually my grandmother’s house, but when she passed away my aunt put it on the market and my brother bought it. He is a wind energy technician so he gets called to job sites all around the nation. He doesn’t technically live here. In fact, after he first bought the house, he rented it to some other guys like him who were working on a site close to the house. When they moved out, he had no one else so he asked me to take over the lease. Not a big deal. He did promise a room in the house to his girlfriend when she graduated and moved down here before I moved in. Again, not a big deal. However though, come to find out, she is allergic to dogs. So I either have to give up my fur children or move out. Of course, I chose the latter. It shouldn’t even have been a thought to cross that dumb bitch’s mind to make me give up my dogs. Now I have to find a new place to live in about a month.

Well, my mom just accepted a new job in another city, in another state. My dad is recently retired and just takes care of the house that all us kids grew up in. To be honest, they wouldn’t be able to sell it even if they tried. It’s not in very good condition. But it is the house that all four of us kids were raised in. To say that it has sentimental value is putting it lightly. My mom has asked that I move back in with my dad to help him out while she is at work. She is going to be gone during the week and come back up on the weekends. I’m just not too sure how I feel about this. I mean, I am 26. What woman of that age wants to move back in with her parents, regardless of the situation? I guess that this would be good for me. I do need to save up money and pay off all my debt, which is quite an astounding amount. I might even be able to go back to school. But what am I compromising by doing this? My freedom? My sex life? Is it worth it? I’m just not too sure about anything right now…..

On a more positive note though, I had very productive day off! I vacuumed the whole house, which was covered in dust and dog hair. I did all the dishes that had piled up over the week. Did some laundry till the washer broke. I even cleaned out my car today! I hope that I’ll be able to have the motivation enough to actually get up and work out tomorrow morning before I go to work instead of just thinking about it. I’ll let you know tomorrow night if that did happen……

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