11 months tomorrow.


Several things have annoyed me.


  1. no response whatsoever
  2. Having people read through my applications, having them say it’s perfect to still get no response
  3. “Why don’t you be a teacher?” really why would I?
  4. “Have you signed on yet?”
  5. “How’s the job hunt going?” every week by several people. This means having to acknowledge it’s not going well several times a week.
  6. Having people always sugget we do costly things. Buuuut you know i’m unemployed and broke, why are yoy asking me?
  7. Feeling like I have no purpose in life.
  8. Feeling like i’m not good enough
  9. Feeling drained and exhausted alllll the time
  10. Having people tell me about that one person they know who took 15 months to get a job. How is this helping?! gtfo.



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