Can’t handle this anymore

Today I had to go out to take a deep breath… I was feeling that I was locked in my room, that I was locked in my thoughts…

Everyday is the same damn thing, and it seens to get even more worse. I just feel that happines is not for me.

It is really hard to hear from a teenager that staying at school is better than staying at your house, well, this is what I think.  I love my mom but she makes me sad, cause she is sad. I dont want to go to my house, I thought about moving to my grandmother’s house in another town, so I could scape from my reality.

Right now I’m crying as I cried yesterday and the day before… I can’t handle this anymore, and I dont like to talk about it with my friends, because their lives seens to be so much better than mine, and I just wanted to know why! Why things doenst get better? Why am I supposed to live like this?

Thanks to my dad, who always makes me feel better. He saw that I was upset and he came to my room and we had a good conversation, but he didnt agree with my idea of moving to my grama’s, he said to me that things will get (again) better.

I also need to say thank you to my best-friend-song ”Welcome to my life” from Simple Plan, that explain exactly what I’m feeling.

I need someone to talk.

2 thoughts on “Can’t handle this anymore”

  1. It’s okay dude. even though it doesn’t feel like it, one day things will get better. but you have to start taking those steps to making it better….

    In the words of Newton “an object will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.”

  2. Life is always changing. If you think your situation is bad think about the people who die of hunger and poverty everyday. People who had to eat from trash just to remain alive. You have eyes, think about the life of the people who are blind. You have legs, think about people who can’t walk.

    Yes life might be hard and complaining about it is natural but never say you are in the worst condition, always be thankful for what you have. You have a mom and a loving dad. You have a house you have relatives. Think about it.

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