Dreams suck sometimes…

So I am an addict in recovery…I have 28 days clean today. Last night I had a dream that for some reason I went and scored some dope for my bf and dropped him off to party with my sister and her ex. Any mix of those three people is completely insane…add to that the other few people I remember being there and it is even more unlikely. So I leave and all of a sudden I get super paranoid that my bf is gonna start sleeping with people at the party. So I go back and everyone is running around all silly and crazy like the people at parties I would go to in high school when they were drinking. Every room I would go to I would be looking to get loaded but everyone was just finishing up or the shit was gone. Finally my bf finds me and he’s all sweet and lovey and starts kissing on me. My sister and her ex come in and they’re all awww and my bf just keeps loving on me. He is not the PDA type at all…most of the time he doesn’t even do public, let alone public affection. It was the weirdest damn thing. I spent the whole time trying to get loaded and couldn’t and then my bf was so out of character. What a weird thing…the last couple of days I have had using dreams and jokes and thoughts all over the place…tonight I get my son for the week and I have my meeting so I am looking forward to that. I hate waking up that way. I woke up pissed cuz I never got loaded and pissed cuz I wanted to so badly. Weird ass dream

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