E: He…


He always tried with me.

He asked me to kiss him while we were driving to Boston.

He would lie in my lap on the couch when he was getting tired.

He was kind.

He was patient.

He asked to pee while showering with me.

He loved my “shape”.

He was so excited to eat his tiramisu sticks that he asked me to feed him in the car.

He had his first crush on Hermione Granger.

His favorite songs are ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘Our Song’, and ‘Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’.

He is so intelligent.

His youngest brother is his favorite.

His first kiss was with Sophie when he was 4. They used to hide behind his grandpa’s tree and kiss.

He and his brothers “make” waters.

He wants to go up in a hot air balloon.

He wants to fly a plane- unless I give it to him as a gift -___-

He wants a daughter.

His favorite movie is Titanic.

He loves some chicken satay dish from Switzerland, but hasn’t been able to find anything close to it since he left.

He took a handful of starbursts, got them nice and sweaty, and dropped them all over the floor on our first date (trust me, it was cute).

He takes these weird frickin 4 second ‘power naps’

He will wake up when I make him, have a conversation with me, fall back to sleep 37 times, and then deny it.

He loved the movie Pitch Perfect (WHY!?! Idk either, guys…)

He liked my little butt wiggles.

He tried to take a romantic bath with me (before I ruined it).

He sang in the car (and is actually so good).

He pushed the hair out of my face when I tried to blow the loose strands away.

He accepted my pig obsession.

He inspired me to take my life back.

He wanted to look at me during sex.

He gave me these comforting forehead kisses and somehow always knew when I needed one.

He let me wear his sweatshirt (and then told me some girl had peed in it, hahaha).

He waited an extra day for me so we could drive up to Boston together.

He let me stay in his apartment while he went to class.

He thought it was cute to lick the whole entire side of my face and then chuckle to himself.

He let me wrestle him/jack him up.

He tried to take care of me after I was sore from sex.

He ate my food for me whenever I couldn’t finish it (except hotdogs, he doesn’t like those).

He always dropped everything to talk to me.

He always made me feel sexy with these looks he would give me.

He sent me his first ever pix/vids.

He was honest with me.

He always tried to give me advice when I needed it.

He made me appreciate myself again.

He gave me the confidence to let my Shakira-like/afro-gone-wrong/head bush hair out.

He drove hours to see me. Sometimes in the middle of the week.

He always texted me, even when his phone was dying with 3% and I was telling him to save it incase he ran into an emergency.

He opened up to me.

He stole a teenie weenie itty bitty little pink plastic pig for me while drunk in NYC with his friends one night.

He told me his secrets.

He opened and held every door.

He always offered to carry my bags.

He held my hand even though he hates PDA.

He got me to try my first ever bacon, egg, and cheese.

He let me snuggle up to him whenever I was cold.

He always kissed me good night when we were together.

He didn’t go blind from seeing me in the morning without makeup. OR FROM SEEING IT ALL OVER MY FACE IN THE SHOWER. Good grief this kid was a SAINT.

He walked Skye if she was pulling too hard on me.

He went into CVS and bought Plan B for me while I waited outside.

He always let me press the button for the elevator.

He paid for dates and denied all my attempts to try to.

He was the first guy that I have ever really let take care of me like that.

He laughs at all my jokes.

He can make me laugh like NO ONE else can.

He shoveled snow for me when I crashed my dad’s car.

He tried to keep me warm when I packed improperly for the Red Socks home game.

He was unfiltered.

He was so handsome.

He won over my mom.

He called my pug an alien.

His scruff is some serious A1 shit.

He let me clean (both him up and the dishes).

He never rushed me when I was getting ready.

He would get lonely if he didn’t hear from me.

He put a ‘sex’ towel underneath his bed.

He opened up sexually.

He bought an orchid for his mom on her birthday because it’s her favorite flower.

He tried new things with me.

He introduced me to his friends.

He made my life better.

He let me become ‘bauzfrauns’ with his youngest brother.

He told me I was prettier than his dog. (I literally lolled just remembering that)

He let me meet his parents.

He could always calm me down.

He was the cutest blondest little baby

He gave me his hand whenever we walked over ice, puddles, or weird scary grates in the freaking sidewalk that more or less tried to eat me.

He didn’t eat the yellow snow, even though I’m sure he wanted to.

He looks 28, while I look 8…. months

He does not like being called Edward Cullen, but I do it anyway and then would playfully bite him.

He didn’t care that I had a fucked up family life.

He thought I would be a great mom.

He hit on my stuffed animal pig to make me jealous (perv).

He showed me his home.

He welcomed me into his life.

He got my weird humor.

He made me feel beautiful even with a cast on and frizzy hair.

He just cared about me so much.

He has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen… and he is still walking around with mine.

He wants to have his own hgtv show

He stood up for this elderly man who was getting kicked off the train coming back from Yankee stadium.

He loves going out for dinner.

His favorite Thai dish is pad Thai

He loves luxury watches (a passion that he shares with his dad).

He wears the watch his dad gave him for graduation every day.

He tried froyo (I’m lolling in the middle of the train station thinking about it)

He let me help pick out a pretty collar flower for mama.

He always smelled incredible.

He always offered his food.

He always shared his one really fuzzy blanket that he loves.

He told me that his youngest brother used to flick people off with his index finger because that’s how he and his brothers told him was the way to do it.

He loves Taylor Swift.

He appreciates natural beauty.

He hates lipstick.

He knows where I have two little freckles.

His brother called me Darren for a week.

He embraced Danger Danger High Voltage

He forever changed the way I look at Omelette du fromage

He introduced me to my wedding song- Smang It

He loves red lingerie (that shows the tummy).

He stole my heart.


And I did nothing but break his… 🙁 

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