Entry 5 (Food)

My favourite word is FOOD! i believe there are many of us here willing to let go anything just for food.If u ask me wether what am i going to choose between the love of my life and food,i will choose food as the love i have towards it is most likely higher than anything else.When i am happy i eat,when i am sad i eat,when i am depressed i eat,when i am angry i eat.Conclusion,i just eat the whole day without fail.There was once i was when i first tried riding a bicycle when i was 17 i fail to balance myself and i fell.I started bleeding everywhere.My teeth broke and mouth was swollen.Believe it or not the only thing came to my mind is how am i going to eat? It was so  depressing!. When i went to the hospital i told the doctor you can do whatever you want as long as i can eat my favourite food.That was the craze that i had for food,I am still having it  and will have for the rest of my life. My tenses are so true and i promise for it be true and permanent throughout my life till my last breath.FOOD , I LOVE YOU ♡

Credits to sha

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