Soo I don’t really know what to talk about today. Daddy is gone for the weekend and he sent me a schedule for today. Tried my best to follow it but it didn’t really work out since work put me behind and I don’t think Daddy really considered everything about the whole dinner portion of it. He gave me 30 minutes but I don’t think he took into account me having to make it, eat it and then clean up afterwards as well. But its understandable with everything going on this weekend. Like I told him I’m glad Kentucky was here this week to comfort him and whatnot since I know Im not any help in that department. Daddy finds it weird that I said that but I really meant it. I know there’s always going to be that part of his life that I won’t be privied to other then what he tells me and I’ve accepted that. I wish I had met him earlier though. I wonder how long I’m going to be fine with knowing I’ll always be second best to someone else. We shall see. I hope it never becomes a problem because I really don’t want to end up broken in a bad way and Daddy has the power to do that. Also I really need to find some freaking friends here ugh. Ok I’m done for now with my ramblings. Night night.

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