I Don’t Need A Monday

I love the idea of “Motivation Monday”.  It’s great to start the week out strong to keep me motivated to keep at it.  But after awhile I’ve begun using that as my crutch.  “Well, I ruined this week.  Might as well keep at it and start over on Monday.”  Sound familiar?

It’s been a slow start back in the right direction for me but I’m doing it.  Today was the first day that I woke up and didn’t want to immediately go back to bed.  I feel energized and happy to face the day.  I made one small decision that I normally would have saved for Monday.  I popped one of my old workout DVDs in the player and did it.  I had almost forgotten how great it feels to accomplish something so small.  One of the hardest parts of working out for me is making the decision to just do it.  Once I get started, it feels good and that momentum keeps me going strong until the finish.

I lifted my shirt up a few times during the workout to see my stomach and realized that my abs that I worked so hard to get before are still in there.  I can see them trying to poke their way out again!  In due time…..

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