My brain

I am a complicated person. 

Contradictory to that, I enjoy the simpler things. I like plain colors with a little bit of splash. I listen to pop music, country, and a little bit of everything. I´m undecided, I guess you could say.

I am annoyingly optimistic as some would say but I am also very depressed and take everything to a very heartfelt level. I get stressed over the little things. I stress eat, drink, and everything else.

Everything in this entry contradicts each other but that´s me in a nutshell. My name is Haley and I´m undecided .

2 thoughts on “My brain”

  1. Hiya! so difficult the world now is for you guys. I loved being the age you were. For many of us back then, 70s, early 80s, it was easy to be focussed and happy. Work was easy to find. Enjoying being young was easy to do. Life was easy to live.
    I’m not sure what’s changed. So many young people seem so battered already with having to make decisions or learning that their education system is far from equal and so feel unequal maybe, out of synch, out of harmony with themselves.
    The Baghavid Gita – its short, free, and online – says it doesn’t matter what you choose. Being undecided is in fact maybe a choice.
    It’s helped me that a lot lately. Reading those words in the Bhagavad. Knowing that it’s okay to not know the best thing to do xxxx

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