Should I go or should I stay? #MODELING

  I was just sitting in my bedroom and thinking how messy my life was; too much to decide and to do in so little time. I dont know why people say that being a teenager is good all the time, we have to take big decions like we have to decide what we are going to do for the rest of our lives , but we dont even know what we want to wear. And it happens when we are still figuring out who we really are.
You are so lucky if you dont want to be a model, and if you want to have a nornal life. My dream was always to be a model and now I had the big opportunity of being an internation model, and it made me so happy cause it was my 15 birthday wish, and sad at the same time, because i would have to leave school for a while, and I dont know if im ready for this. Being a model was all i ever wanted but I also dont want to  ”lose” my last year of high school! (and the prom and the big school trip)  I see the teenager at parties and I wonder if they know how lucky they are for not having this responsability of decide this question, they just want to have fun and to have a normal teenager life with all his friends and go to parties. I want this, but I also want to be a model and I know that I cant have both. I’m only 16, isnt it too ealry for live and work in another country for my own? Will I have this opportunity ever again?I dont know where I can find the answer for the question ”should I stay or should I go?”

One thought on “Should I go or should I stay? #MODELING”

  1. I know I’m an year late but… You should complete your education. Maybe you had already made the decision.

    A life as an educated person versus a life as a model!

    I would choose education a thousand times.

    After completing your education you can do anything you like but completing your education is the most important thing right know.

    Fashion is an industry that runs on beauty. Humans age , we grow old we get sick, we don’t remain youthful and beautiful forever but or education stays with us forever. Once your looks start to age the industry would have no need of you anymore.

    With time beauty fades but with time knowledge increases. Intellectuals have the most value in this world.

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