I’m scared, baby
This is more than a worry
You might think I’m silly,
but I see what I see

There’s been a ghost in you
I think you feel it too
‘though you deny it’s true
I’ve seen what it can do

That ghost has stolen your sweet smile
which I haven’t seen for a while
Too many times I’ve seen you cry
Sometimes you even wonder why

Come home to me
Take my hand and I shall set you free
I know it’s not easy,
but it breaks my heart to see you so unhappy
especially lately

I’m so scared, baby
This is more than just a worry
I’m afraid that ghost will take you away from me
Look, it’s already driving you crazy

Let me in, will you?
Let me help you fight it off too
Whatever it takes, I’ll do
I can’t stand that it’s turning you blue

Let me chase that ghost away
so again you’ll be fine
the way you have chased away mine…


(Jakarta, 5/11/2015 – 11:30 am)

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