Entry 6 (My Life)

Everyone one of us have our own life story.Some can be very interesting,some might be boring,some might be happy and some be sad.In our lives there are always ups n downs but there is a certain period in our life pain will be a part of us.That’s what happened in my life.Pain became my part and I started living with it.It’s very hard to go through that point of my life but with God’s grace I managed to do so.Eventhough that tough time made me stronger and also who am I today is also because of that pain, it still left a huge impact in my life.Everyday thinking about it makes me feel so damn sad.At times i feel that I am one of the unluckiest person ever.It’s hard! It’s really hard! No matter how far I go,how high I climb it will be still with me.I promise to carry this everywhere because in my life I never want to be like the person I have hated before.I want to create promising future for myself.Trusting anyone in this life will be the last choice of mine.Nobody is worth the trust.I love myself n I respect myself and I am never gonna let anyone put me down in any sort of way.Thanks God for everything and I promise You that I will take all my failures as a lesson in my life.I love you God.

Credits to sha

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