I need to like someone new. Like immediately, just to get things right. Not to do any stupid, drifting apart thing again. Ergh. I’m not a clingy and girly person. But why did I do those idiotic stuff that drove him away. We just started contacting. He finally confessed after 2 years liking me, after all of those mixing signals, obvious hints and hurtful ignoring. Liking him is tiring. I just wanna like someone without feeling tired and sad. We like each other, but I didn’t expect for us to lost contact so soon. But it was my fault. I don’t feel like liking anyone right now, but my heart’s saying I just need to like one more guy. Just one more because I miss all those tangling feels, nervous, electrified. Damn, those are good. I haven’t date a guy for such a long time, since my last boyfriend. And when we start texting each other every night, I feel happy that wow, I haven’t done this for a long period of time. It has been so long since the last time I texted a guy until 5 a.m.. It has been so long since my phone vibrates and it was a messsge from a guy. Now that all of this end so soon, I need a new guy to continue having all of this because I miss doing all this, I like doing all this, now that I only got all this for such a short time. I want and need someone new immediately to continue having this. I cant bare for another 4-5 years for all this to happen again. At that time I’ll be busy working or maybe getting ready to marry. So, i need this now. I hope I’ll meet a new guy very very very very soon. Please please please. Because I’m pretty sure, after this one guy, I can settle down by not liking someone. Yeah, I’ll be tired and lazy to like anyone. I know it. And I want to be lazy. But for that to happen, I really need to find someone right at this moment. Wish me luck guys. Bye u. 

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