Bad things happening here I guess. Someone tried to break into my house! Luckily they couldn’t get in. They screwed up the screen window but that’s about it. I’ve got to go to a doctor on Monday. A specialist! I’ve had strange reddish-orange botches on my right hand! My doctor was a little baffled. So am I! Then out of no where I get a package from this place called The Bradford Exchange! I think it’s some kind of plate or statue. I didn’t order anything from them! I think someone is trying to play a practical joke on me. Years ago I knew some assholes who thought stuff like that was funny. One guy in particular. He thought he was a mastermind and could fool anyone. He got into a lot of hot water once because of a foolish prank call he made. He thought he was disguising his voice so cleverly but the person he was trying to prank knew it was him right away and told him so. Now he’s a bum living in a dilapidated house with his only income coming from a drug user boarder and a garage he rents out. He once thought he was going to be a superstar rock guitarist and spend most of what ever little money he’d saved on making a CD with another loser. They spend close to a hundred thousand dollars making the CD and pressing hundreds of copies. Boxes of them are still gathering dust in his basement! Of course he also spend $$$ on booze and drugs (like all good rock stars). Now he’s just a bum who never grew up and blames his failure to succeed in the music world on the “betrayal of white kids who ignored his music and listened to Rap instead”! I’d call him a has-been but for that you would have had to “been”. He’s just a “never was”.

Well it wasn’t my intention to write about that guy but it filled up some space…

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