Entry 4: Happy Holiday

Entry 4: Happy Holiday

Saturday , 7 november 2015

After struggling with pspm for two weeks, it is time for me to relax and rest my mind for a while. I have been studying very hard so that I could do my best in the pspm. And now it is holiday!!!!! The first holiday without any homework ….hooray!!

I have a lot of plans for my valuable holiday. If possible, I want to do everything that I just wish to do but do not have time to do before. I want to watch all the movies that I leave behind and finish reading my novels. For me, this holiday gives me chance to recharge my power after a difficult time of examination because I still need to prepare myself for the next semester in matriculation. It will be more difficult than semester one and I have to put in more effort to succeed.

I will continue fighting in the next semester and try my best to have better achievements than semester one. Fighting!!! I can do it!!!

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